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Do you want to be a mentor and role model? Gain leadership experience and be part of a professional, fast growing company? Here's your chance.

Imagine a summer job where dressing up for work means putting on a superhero cape. Where deciding on a camp nickname helps protect your secret identity. Where days include video game tournaments, epic lip sync battles, and capture the flag. Now imagine a job where all this happens, AND you get to impact the lives of young people by teaching real-world STEM skills with courses in programming, video game design, engineering, web design, film, and more. That’s Coding Camp!

Need internship credits or co-op hours? We’ve got that covered, too! A summer with Coding Camp is a great way for you to build your resume, network with people in the industry, and build lasting friendships.

Our Camp directors come from a variety of backgrounds: teachers, grad students, artists and engineers.

Our favorite directors are leaders, problem solvers and organizers who love mentoring talented staff members.

Directors are the face of Coding Camp to parents, students, university officials, and staff at camp. They manage and support all camp staff including setting the overall culture and energy of the camp. The Camp Director will have overall responsibility for the smooth operation of the summer camp program on-site. They create a FUN, SAFE environment, while ensuring high-level instruction for all students.

It also helps if you have been to camp, or worked at a camp before.

Camp Directors serve as the go-between between parents, camp staff and the home office.

Camp Directors submit regular reports to the home office and report daily issues.

Role models for our students, Instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about technology. Through teaching, leading activities, and building relationships, Coding Camp Instructors inspire the next generation of innovators.

Instructors use their communication, confidence, and clarity to work with their team in a fast-paced environment.

Instructors teach and mentor campers to ensure that they understand the camp concepts.

They assist with daily instructional and classroom responsibilities as well as lead recreation activities during non-class time. Successful Instructors have a passion for technology and working with kids and teens! Our Instructors bring a work ethic and a high level of energy that helps ensure our campers have a memorable experience that they will never forget.

Our Interns get to do it all. They ensure that the camp is running smoothly for staff and campers. They’re our office assistants, geek squadron, classroom helpers, break leaders, and overall support for our camps. Internships are not-paid and available to applicants who will be 16 or older by the start of employment (the first day of camp at your location) and are currently in high school or college.

Top ten reasons to be a counselor.

We all know that working at camps can be hard, it is mentally and physically demanding. But if you like working with children and you want to change their lives, it can also be the most rewarding job that you’ve ever had as well as one of the best summers of your life. Here are a few reasons why working as a Coding Camp Counselor should be your number one choice this summer.
Kids from ages 7-14 can sign up for coding camp. Nothing is better than when campers start calling you by name to show you their creations. Or when a first time camper tells you that this was the best week they have ever had.
Disclaimer: Working as a camp counselor can be a lot of work. It is a 9 to 5 job and it takes a lot of energy and responsibility. BUT, at the same time Coding Camp is a place where you can drop all of your other responsibilities and just be a kid again! The good thing about having a Coding Camp job is that you don’t have to venture back out into the “real world” of “adulting” every day. You get to be crazy, fun, energetic and let your inner-kid come out! Who wouldn’t want that? I know you don’t Kevin, but the rest of us like to.
Coding Camp is one of the easiest places to be yourself. You don’t have to worry about what anyone thinks about you because you’re probably not going to see the majority of these people again after this week and the other counselors are probably [definitely] acting just as crazy as you are. How many other jobs out there let you ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel without the slightest bit of judgment? Not many.
At Coding Camp you can create a nickname, put on a cape and act like a superhero. Not only can you do it, we want you to. Have an awesome gamer tag that you want people to call you by, no problem Supermario77779 we can call you that if you like.
Where else can your day include hosting epic build tournaments, lip sync battles and ultimate Frisbee? Where else can you watch kids try to figure out how to build a catapult out of a cup and a spoon? Coding Camp, that’s where!
Seriously, that epic map that took you a year to build in high school? You will meet people who will finally appreciate it and even play on it. You get to spend a summer teaching kids stuff you already love doing. Stuff your parents said would never pay the bills, time to show them how wrong they were!
In addition to all of the fun you get to impact the lives of young people by teaching them real-world STEM skills with courses in: robotics, video game design, app making, engineering, programming and more. You also get to help kids who feel excluded find their place.
Do you need co-op or internship hours? We’ve got that covered. A summer at Coding Camp is a great way to build your resume and network with people in the industry.
You know those jobs where you have to dress up all week and pay to wear jeans on casual Friday, but Mary in accounting judges you because she still thinks its unprofessional? This isn’t one of those jobs. Wear your favorite t-shirt, no one is going to judge you, but if your shorts are too short-then we’ll totally judge that.
It’s easy to bond with other Coding Camp counsellors, you have the same interests and you spend a lot of time together. Before you know it, you’re hanging out after hours. Then maybe you start working on this brilliant app and you become millionaires. It could be happen; but we’re only guaranteeing that you could make some friends, or I guess we’re just guaranteeing that you’ll meet some cool people, if they don’t like you that’s your fault-probably.