Discover Roblox Gamemaking

Moncton, NB

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Discover Roblox Gamemaking

Roblox Ages 8-12

  Oulton College - Moncton, NB

  Jul 29, 2019 to Aug 2, 2019   9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Use Roblox Studio to Create Your Own Game

Dive into the endless world of Roblox and create your own games! Roblox allows you to create whatever you can imagine. Learn how to use Roblox Studio to create your own levels, environments, and worlds. Build upon those worlds by adding narrative and mechanics to create a fun experience for one or many players. Create games where players play capture the flag, solve puzzles, or save the day!

As you progress through the course, find the role that you feel the most comfortable in, whether it’s programming, level design, or artist, and team up with others to create the ultimate game. Or, if you’re a master of all talents, create something all your own!












Course Information

Get ready for a fun and meaningful camp experience through project-based learning.

What Students Learn

• Learn the basics of Game Design: Prototyping, Playtesting, and Iterating.
• Build and modify good looking and compelling environments and levels.
• Create items and quests for players to pursue.
• Build a story or game mechanics that encourages fun gameplay.
• Learn the basics of scripting using the Lua programming language.


What Students Create

• 3D platformer games in Roblox.

More About This Course

Our Game Design courses teach students how to create their own video games. They’ll design levels, characters, and full games using game creation tools. Our Game Design with Roblox course allows students to create 3D platforming based games using editing tools like Roblox Studio and programming with Lua. Students will work in teams to make environments, textures, and scripts to create a full game experience.

The Roblox Experience: In this unique 8-12 year old course, students will design games and assets and then learn to market them using the Roblox Marketplace. The Roblox Marketplace contains community-made items that other users can incorporate into their own games and creations.

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