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Surrey, BC

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Video Game Designer

Create and Design Games Ages 9-14

  5631-A 176A Street - Surrey, BC

  Jul 2, 2019 to Jul 5, 2019   9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Video Game Maker is an introductory level game design course that will engage students with project-based learning and get them excited about technology.  Our unique, easy-to-follow material will take your students from simple “drag-n-drop” programming to actually writing some code.  They will also learn to create animated and multi-directional sprites and add backgrounds & sounds to their games.  At the end of each game lesson, there is an assignment that requires the students to build on their programming skills.  This ensures they are learning and not just simply following directions.

In addition to the technical skills, this camps covers the basic math & physics concepts used in game development and how the engineering design cycle is used to design games and as a problem solving method.   It also explores the career opportunities and educational paths (both in high school and beyond) required to land a job in this industry.

What do students take home?

Students bring home all their game files, as well as additional game art that they can use to create an unlimited number of games. They will also have access to our online tutorials.

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