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YouTube Class

Video Production Course Ages 10-15

  5631-A 176A Street - Surrey, BC

  Aug 6, 2019 to Aug 9, 2019   9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Does your child dream about becoming the next YouTube star?

Our YouTube class is for kids who want to learn how to create an awesome YouTube channel. This class will give them the skills to create engaging videos. Kids will learn how to write scripts and storyboards, and how to create a brand that builds fan engagement. They’ll also develop production skills and discover the ways they can make money with their own YouTube channel!

Through this class, students will complete a variety of projects working in pairs and teams to learn various aspects of film making and editing. Developed around tablets and free editing software to make filmmaking fun and approachable, Video Production class empowers students with technical skills in video filming and editing while exploring the historical significance of film and the unique elements of storytelling.

By the end, they’ll have all the skills they’ll need to make a splash on YouTube and develop a channel that they can be proud of.

Some of the topics we will include are:

  1. Storytelling & Film
  2. Silent Films & Genres
  3. Interviews & Reporting
  4. Documentaries & Composition
  5. Storyboarding
  6. Intro to Filming
  7. Film Framing and Experimentation
  8. Film to Edit & B-Roll
  9. Intro to Editing
  10. Source & Sync Audio Files
  11. Final Edits & Credits
  12. Film Festival

What do students need to bring?

Students are required to bring their own recording device and cables to attach to the computer. Phones, tablets and cameras are acceptable for recording. Please note that the video quality will vary depending on the device your child brings. 

Per person. (cad)

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