Game Design and Development 1


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Game Design and Development 1

Learn to Make Games with Scratch Ages 8-12

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  Jul 17, 2017 to Jul 21, 2017   9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Is your child obsessed with video games?

If your child has ever wanted to make their own, you need to check out our Game Design 1 Class. Kids will learn how to create animations and video games using Scratch, which is very user-friendly and allows kids to easily harness the power of coding.

They’ll experience a fun, hands-on, and collaborative learning environment, where coding basics are taught and developed. This class is centered around fun and discovery through guided play and is a perfect introduction to computer science.

- Game Design

- Programming Concepts

- Image Editing/Creation

Kids will also learn

- Internet Safety / Computer Basics

- "Google-fu" (Utilizing search engines to quickly find useful information on the Internet.)

- Problem Solving

 - Independent/Group Learning

What do students take home?

Kids will bring home their Scratch login information so that they can access their games online.

Per person. (CAD)

Seats Available

Seats Available: 13/15

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