Level One

Valsayn South, TT

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Level One

Intro to Computer Science Ages 6-7

  Valpark Shopping Plaza Unit #2.17 - Valsayn South, TT

  Sep 11, 2017 to Nov 27, 2017   3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Classes meet once a week.

Identify algorithms to complete a task and apply logic statements.

Through this exciting year-long course students will be introduced to computer science principles as they explore visual programming. Level One covers the basics of programming, collaboration techniques, investigation and critical thinking skills, persistence in the face of difficulty, and internet safety. At the end of this course, students create their very own custom game they can share.

Visual Programming

Robot Programming

Digital Painting

Digital Literacy (Internet Safety)

Please note our school year is divided into three semesters, this registration is for one semester. 

Per person. (TTD)

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