Game Design Level 2

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Game Design Level 2

Ages 11-15

Does your child want to take their gaming to the next level?

Now they can move beyond just playing video games and actually make them! Kids will learn how to make games using Construct 2, which is an industry leading game engine. They’ll learn video game design principles as they make a series of games, which can be uploaded to their game store and be downloaded by friends!

At the end of the class, students will have a thorough working knowledge of Construct 2 and game logic.

Game Design

                - Programming Concepts

                - Image Editing/Creation


Kids will also learn:

- Internet Safety / Computer Basics

- "Google-fu" (Utilizing search engines to quickly find useful information on the Internet.)

- Problem Solving

                - Independent/Group Learning


What do students take home?

Students bring home all their game files, as well as additional game art that they can use to create an unlimited number of games. They will also have access to our online tutorials.

Please note: Students will be using the free version of Construct 2. To continue making games, they will need to download Construct 2 on a home computer.