Intro to Programming

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Intro to Programming

Ages 10-15

Would your child love to program and keep their own computer?

If so, they’ll love our Intro to Programming camp! Kids learn the fundamentals of hardware and software, and are introduced to a variety of programming languages and concepts.

Learning about programming will be fun using a Raspberry Pi, which is a single board computer about the size of a credit card. Don’t let its small size fool you, there’s so much you can do with it! Students even learn the basics of coding their own games with Python and Scratch. They’ll also learn Modding with Minecraft Pi, and will be introduced to HTML and CSS programming languages.

A great balance of outside play, sports, and other activities are also a part of the full camp experience.

What do students take home?

Students take home their Raspberry Pi so that they can continue programming their computer at home. They can also sign up for additional courses to continue building and programming additional components to their computer.

Please note: Monitor and keyboard are not included, but the Raspberry Pi will work with any TV or monitor with an HDMI input.