Minecraft Adventure

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Minecraft Adventure

Ages 8-11

Campers will create, explore, and put their problem-solving skills to the test by building maps and creating resource packs in Minecraft. Then, they'll take control of their world with command blocks and redstone. Rather than just 'playing' Minecraft, students learn TO think critically about storytelling AND player engagement. Minecraft teaches SPATIAL reasoning AND engineering principles. WITH guided instruction, students can move beyond SIMPLE gameplay AND discover fundamental game programming concepts such AS Redstone levers AND command blocks.Outside play, sports, AND other activities are also a part of the FULL camp experience.

What Will Students Take Home?

Students IN these Minecraft game design courses will go home WITH their Minecraft saves AND resource pack folder.

An active PC or MAC Minecraft account and password are required for this camp. If you do not have one, the game can be purchased at http://www.minecraft.net.

Please note that Minecraft accounts for xbox, and mobile devices do not work on computers.